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NWPA ALF Meeting/Special Election


Official Notice of the Special Election of Officers of the
Northwestern Pennsylvania Area labor Federation


Our Chairman John Zanetti announced his retirement and his decision to resign as Chairman. We also had the loss of a Vice-Chair as a result of loss of delegate status which has not been filled. As a result we are officially notifying you of a special election to fill both positions at our 3rd Quarter meeting, on September 30, 2015.

Nominations and Election for the vacancies in our Officers
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
7:00 PM in the AFSCME DC 85 Hall
1276 Liberty St. Franklin, PA 16323

The offices elected are as follows:
Chairman elect one (1)
Vice-Chair elect one (1)

The above listed officers shall be elected by the delegates (in good standing) present at the 9-30-15 NWPA ALF Meeting for the completion of the terms of office until our next annual meeting in 2016.

Below are some sections of our constitution that our delegates should be aware of prior to the nominations and elections:
Article III
Section 4. No person shall be eligible to serve as a delegate or officer unless he or she is a member in good standing (for exception see rule 9a of rules governing) of a local union affiliated with this Area Labor Federation or is a District, State, National or International Union representative regularly servicing an affiliated union.
Section 5. Disqualifications (a) No person shall be eligible to serve as a delegate who holds a salaried position, or any other position of administrative or executive authority, in a union or any subordinate branch of a union, which is suspended from, unaffiliated with or disaffiliated from the AFL-CIO.

(b) No person shall be eligible to serve as a delegate to the annual meeting, an officer of the Executive Board, a member of any committee of the Area Labor Federation, or as a representative, agent or employee of this Board who consistently pursues policies and activities directed towards the achievement of the programs or purposes of authoritarianism, totalitarianism, terrorism and other forces that suppress individual liberties and freedom of association.

Section 6. No delegate shall be seated at the annual meeting except upon submission of the proper credential from an affiliated organization in good standing. This credential shall be received, examined and attested to by the Credentials Committee, which shall determine the eligibility of the delegate and the standing of the organization sending the delegate. No voting shall be conducted at the annual meeting until the Committee has had adequate opportunity to present the credential committee report.

Our Secretary-Treasurer, David A. Bielski is a member of AFSCME. We want to inform everyone that there is an exception in the eligibility to run for the Chair in the election process, you can see this exception in:

Article VI Section 1(h) Not more than three members from the same international union shall be eligible to hold office from categories a (Chairperson), b (Secretary-Treasurer), c (Vice-Chair) and d ( E-Board Member/Trustee) at the same time. The Chair and the Secretary-Treasurer shall not be from the same International Union.

Locals that are in arears so significantly that they can be suspended and will not be eligible to vote shall be notified in writing, thus giving them an opportunity to submit their per capita payments prior to the election.

Available in the NWPA ALF Office is a list of the NWPA ALF Officers, the NWPA ALF Affiliated Local Union List, Officers list of affiliates as provided to Rosann, a list of the voting strength and delegate entitlement of each affiliated local union, and the names and mailing addresses of the Delegates.

In Solidarity,

David A Bielski, Secretary-Treasurer
NWPA Area Labor Federation


  We as union members like to patronize union businesses and utilize the services our union brothers and sisters offer. Reading the union newspaper and having them produce our products are made easier if you know who they are.We researched fhem...


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Find Your Local Legislators

Click here to look up your local legislators

NWPA ALF Labor Day Parade

Date: Monday, September 7, 2015

Erie, PA

This parade is labor's opportunity to show: "Unions Today" we are alive and well, who we are, and what we do. Erie has not had a Labor Day Parade since 1987. We encourage all organized labor to join us.

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While much of the Internet this week was focused on escaped llamas, figuring out what color a dress is or mourning the loss of SAG-AFTRA member and Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy, we can forget that legislation is still being pushed that would make the lives of working families worse. Whether it is the "right to work" policies pushed by the allies of Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.), who likes to compare workers to terrorists, and in other states like New Mexico and West Virginia, or the ongoing negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) using the Fast Track process, we need to stay alert. Read more >>>

Friends of the Feathered

As part of the Union Sportsmen's Alliance's (USA's) Work Boots on the Ground project, New Jersey union members built and painted 52 pheasant and 10 quail transport boxes to support the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, which raises and releases some 50,000 pheasants and 11,000 quail annually across the state. Read the full article>>>

Share of Households Earning Middle-Class Income

Income inequality became a hot topic of economic conversation in 2014, and publications like The Atlantic have taken notice. In 17 Things We Learned About the Economy in 2014, the authors explore the growth of low-income jobs, stagnant wages for families and shrinking wages for younger workers, the racial and gender wage gap, taxes and the dwindling middle class.

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History of Labor Day

It's pretty frustrating seeing all the headlines that claim the economy is alive and kicking. Sure, there is economic growth and a steady increase in jobs, but what kind of jobs are we talking about exactly? Well, they aren't the kind of jobs we think of first when it comes to steady, middle-class jobs. No big surprise here, low-wage service sector jobs like those in the fast-food industry are seeing the biggest gains. Bryce Covert at The New Republic has a nice summary of what America's workers are up against when it comes to wages. Read more >>>

When President Barack Obama first announced his candidacy for president, he said: “I am running in this race because of what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called ‘the fierce urgency of now.’ Because I believe that there’s such a thing as being too late. And that hour is almost upon us.” Like Dr. King, our president was calling on America to make real the promises of our democracy. That fierce urgency of now is here for thousands of refugee children from Central America. I know many of these kids’ stories because it is my story, too. Read more >>>

The Northwestern Pennsylvania  Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO has 10 Central Labor Councils (Beaver-Lawrence CLC, Butler CLC, Clearfield-Elk-Cameron-Jefferson CLC, Erie-Crawford CLC, Greater Westmoreland CLC, Indiana-Armstrong-Clarion CLC, McKean-Potter CLC, Mercer CLC, Venango CLC and Warren-Forest CLC) and hundreds of affiliated Local Unions within the 19 counties of its jurisdiction in Pennsylvania since 2006.

We have developed a brochure to help people better understand our functions and responsibilities. More information to follow...


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Central Labor Council Meetings

The Indiana-Armstrong-Clarion Central Labor Council (CLC) encourages all affiliates to participate. We are the grassroots of the labor movement in our region. It is through networking and Solidarity that we derive our strength. Below is information about how to contact our CLC and when we meet. We hope to see you at  the next meeting.


Contact Information:                                                 Meetings:

Indiana-Armstrong-Clarion CLC                         Executive Board 6:30 PM

PO Box 104                                                             General meeting 7:30 PM

Lucernemines, Pa 15754                             2nd Tuesday of each month    

                                                                                   UMWA Hall

President   Ken Cecconi                                       55 11th St                                     Lucernemines, Pa 15754                      

We Need To Organize A New Generation of Workers

This information came from Don Siegel of IBEW, which he recently sent to his members, I have taken the liberty to edit it to be more inclusive to the entire labor movement.

We need to organize a new generation of workers into unions. While we tend to believe that this new generation is indifferent to unions we also know that they know very little about unions.

Mr. Siegel found this link to a video about a protest against the CEO of Whole Foods who recently wrote an op ed in the Wall Street Journal about health care reform. Needless to say the CEO, John Mackey, didn’t think that the health care reform that was being proposed was worth consideration and went on to say among other things that health care is not a right but rather a privilege.

This link will take you to a 6 minute video that I think is worth your time for two reasons. Number one it takes John Mackey to task for his public denunciation of the cu rrent health care reform proposal and number two and much more importantly please take notice of the age of most of the protesters. They are certainly not from my generation and we should take some comfort in that. This group could teach some of us some new things about civil disobedience not to mention the raw courage it takes to expose your self publicly for a cause you believe in. I encourage you to watch the whole video and consider that this is the generation that we need to bring into our union.

They may not know much about unions but they sure know how to engage in concerted activity. They are creative, committed, energetic and determined when they find something that they can believe in. They are an example of what the labor movement can become if we can connect with their passions. The challenge is ours to reach out to a new generation of union members and I hope that this video shows that they are ready, if we are willing to take the time to listen to their concerns and explain how unions can be a part of the solution. 

The Indiana-Armstrong-Clarion Central Labor Council is an AFL-CIO affiliated organization that represents 5,173 members of 59 affiliated local unions in the Indiana, Armstrong, and Clarion Counties of Pennsylvania.

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