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Jon Hiatt is Executive Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff at the AFL-CIO.

Labor groups have designed a new mobile app to crack down on wage theft and other labor violations faced by immigrant workers.

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Politics is not a spectator sport, and working people cannot build power and advance social and economic justice by standing on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do our jobs. Join the Labor 2016 door-to-door canvass campaign -- starting on Saturday, November 5th, join hundreds of your fellow working people to Get Out the Vote for Hillary Clinton, Katie McGinty, and all the pro-working family candidates we've endorsed.

You and your brothers and sisters will knock on doors to remind Philadelphia's voters to get to the polls on Election Day in order to vote in one of the most important elections in our lifetimes. Be part of the victories that we will celebrate after polls close on Tuesday the 8th!

Volunteer on Saturday, November 5th

Volunteer on Sunday, November 6th

Volunteer on Monday, November 7th

Volunteer on Election Day -- Tuesday, November 8th

We will run morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon canvass shifts each day starting on Saturday the 5th (except Sunday the 6th, when we will not run a morning shift). We will run canvass shift out of the following 3 locations:

Northeast Philadelphia -- Sprinkler Fitters Local 692, 14002 McNulty Rd. Philadelphia 19154

Northwest Philadelphia -- Working America, 5225 Germantown Ave (rear entrance), Philadelphia 19144

South Philadelphia -- IATSE Local 8, 2402 S. Swanson St, Philadelphia 19148

Click the links above to sign up for one or more of the Get Out the Vote canvass shifts over the last 4 days of this election campaign.

Some Wall Street billionaires are paying less in taxes than teachers, nurses and other working people. It's time for Congress to end this unfair tax loophole.

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The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO is a federation of over 100 individual unions, representing almost 200,000 working men and women in Philadelphia. The AFL-CIO represents workers in every sector from educators to welders, refinery workers to federal employees.

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Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to slam a local union leader who had criticized the president-elect's claim to have saved 1,100 jobs at an Indianapolis manufacturing plant.

Chuck Jones, who is President of United Steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. No wonder companies flee country!

When George W. Bush assembled his first Cabinet in 2001, news reports dubbed them a team of millionaires, and government watchdogs questioned whether they were out of touch with most Americans’ problems. Combined, that group had an inflation-adjusted net worth of about $250 million — which is roughly one-tenth the wealth of Donald Trump’s nominee for commerce secretary alone.

Trump is putting together what will be the wealthiest administration in modern American history.

It is hard to find anyone more passionate about the idea of steering public dollars away from traditional public schools than Betsy DeVos, Donald J. Trump’s pick as the cabinet secretary overseeing the nation’s education system. Like many education philanthropists, she argues that children’s ZIP codes should not confine them to failing schools.